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Blog-en 26.03.2023

Why do I need an Austrian residence permit?

Respect and freedom

If you take out a residence permit, you will receive a Red-White-Red Card (RWR-Card). This will increase your status and the loyalty of the officials. It will make it easier for you to build up a trusting relationship with partners, clients and public authorities. You will not have to hire a nominee director. You will obtain a trade licence in your own name, get rid of intermediaries and get the freedom to make decisions, open accounts and negotiate.

Expanding your business (starting a company in Austria) Companies resident in Austria are highly regarded around the world. It will be easier for you to find partners and take your business internationally. Austrian taxation allows the profits of related businesses to be combined profitably. You can optimize your taxes and obtain credit at advantageous interest rates.

Family Safety

Your entire family can benefit from a residence permit. Your children will go to school or kindergarten free of charge. Your spouse will get a work permit, and you can apply for a job in any company in your field. The whole family will have good health insurance. If someone falls ill, you can get prescriptions for almost free medicine.

Own real estate

Without a red and white card, you can only buy property in Vienna in theory. In practice, you will pay huge legal fees and waste a lot of time. You will find it difficult to transfer money, and it will be impossible to get a loan at all. A residence permit will enable you to choose a house in a good neighbourhood with excellent infrastructure and pleasant neighbours. You can buy a flat or house where your family will enjoy living. We have more than 20 years of experience in helping business people start a company, obtain a residence permit and relocate to Europe. With our Steuerexperten consultants, you can easily complete the paperwork and get your Austrian residence permit in just 3 months. 

4 Steps to an Austrian Residence Permit

  1. Application. Call or leave a request online. We will contact you and discuss all the details.
  2. The decision. We shall carefully study your situation and propose the best program of business immigration.
  3. The preparation of documents. We shall prepare all necessary documents. We will process them within three months.
  4. The result. A positive decision will result in the Austrian Red and White Card. It is important to plan your business immigration well in advance and obtain a residence permit before registering your company. Submit your application and find out how to save time and money.