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Tax and accounting, legal and business immigration matters, company registration and all kinds of commercial advice for Austrian and international clients.

Business Immigration

Living and Doing Business in Austria

It is said that your inner world is what makes you happy. We say that it is also the environment. Austria offers many advantages to immigrant business people. These include obtaining a residence card by doing business (for you and your whole family), the possibility of having bank accounts in the EU, investments in any EU country, a steady income and much more!


Smartphone app and web platform

Our communication platform with 24/7 access allows you to keep in touch with your most important documents and information anytime, anywhere.



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  • Qualified team
  • Experience
  • Education


  • Data protection
  • Duty of confidentiality
  • Maximum insurance protection
  • 24/7 data security


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  • Paperless/IT accounting
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My cooperation with the team already has a solid history – many times I had to contact them from Kiev regarding international taxation, company registration in Austria, business relocation to Austria and application for a residence permit. I like their work style – you can discuss anything and be sure they will try to help you. Being in Austria because of the war, I am very glad to have such a reliable partner in all commercial, legal, tax and other matters.

Evgeniya Mishchenko

Finance Manager & Business Finance Analyst

Trust. Confidence. Responsibility.
You can bravely start the first independent steps into new business directions, and grow your geography.
There is a feeling and knowledge that your hand will not be let go, there are guarantees of safety – the team.
Just do what you need to do, and be calm – there is a reliable partner who will translate your most untrivial business ideas into a legal, organizational and financial structure.

Yuliia Kramarenko

Owner & CEO Optima Ingeneering LTD (Kryvyi Rih)

My cooperation with the team has already lasted more than 10 years – there have been many projects, consultations and meetings. That’s why I chose for my new company in Austria a few years ago – to feel free and to be able to ask any “uncomfortable” questions. It’s convenient that the company staff is multilingual and always ready to provide a meeting time quickly. All workflow is digitalized, which suits my business needs – it is possible to share the results of the company’s work with partners in other countries via an online platform. 

Mark Abramov

Founder and Managing Director of Servionix GmbH

Gitarre und Yoga Lehrerin

I have lived in Vienna for almost 10 years, and for half of that time, I have been a regular customer of At first, I was advised to come here for my residence permit issues in Austria. Then I consulted here many times on various tax-related topics. I started a company with partners, left a joint business and started my own. And along the way, the team at was always ready to support my endeavours and answer my questions. Everything I have dealt with has been completed successfully. For me, this is an indicator of competence and high professionalism.
In addition, I appreciate the stable, trusting relationship we have developed and the help in emergency situations during “off” hours. 

Inna Krasnoselska

Guitar and Yoga Teacher


We work digitally, at a high level and have been in business for 20 years.

20 years of helping businesses in Austria

Top Tax Advisors 2023

Member of Tax Consultancy Associations CFE, KSW

Digital Expert

Awarded as the Best Tax Consultant of the Year!

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