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05.10.2023 | Valeriia Kratochwill

How to start a business in Austria? (The expat’s guide)

Austria is known for its stunning scenery, high quality of life and the presence of numerous international companies. Many expats are thinking about starting a business in Austria. This article provides an overview of the company registration process and answers some of the most common questions....

03.10.2023 | Ekaterina Kasatkina

Do I Need a Car in Vienna?

For visitors and potential residents alike, one question often arises: “Do I need a car in Vienna?” The short answer is “No,” and here’s why: 1. Efficient Public Transport Vienna boasts one of Europe’s most efficient and comprehensive public transportation...

woman with a phone and tablet
03.10.2023 | Valeriia Kratochwill

Entrepreneur vs. Employee in Austria: Advantages and Disadvantages

Austria, with its robust economy, offers numerous opportunities both for individuals seeking employment and those wishing to venture into the entrepreneurial world. The decision to become an entrepreneur or an employee in Austria depends on numerous factors, and each has its advantages and...

26.09.2023 | Valeriia Kratochwill

The Allure of Clubbing and Nightlife in Vienna

Vienna, Austria’s grand capital, is globally renowned for its rich history, architecture, and its pivotal role in the evolution of classical music. But, beneath the shadow of the famous Vienna State Opera and the nostalgic sounds of Mozart and Beethoven, there lies a vibrant nightlife and...

22.09.2023 | Valeriia Kratochwill

September Strategy: How the Annual Financial Report 2023 will help your company grow!

The days are getting shorter, autumn is coming to the country and companies in their offices in Austria are preparing for the end of the year. September is a crucial month in this respect. It is the best time to analyze the annual financial report for 2023 in detail and identify where corrections,...