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Blog-en news-en 22.09.2023

September Strategy: How the Annual Financial Report 2023 will help your company grow!

The days are getting shorter, autumn is coming to the country and companies in their offices in Austria are preparing for the end of the year. September is a crucial month in this respect. It is the best time to analyze the annual financial report for 2023 in detail and identify where corrections, cost optimization and future investments are needed. 

Why September?

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, companies already had enough data and insights from previous months to identify trends and changes. At the same time, there is ample time to take corrective action before the end of the year and plan strategic decisions for next year.

What are the benefits of an annual financial report?

An adequately prepared annual financial report is not only a requirement for companies. In addition to filing annual accounts with the Court of Registration, it also provides a unique opportunity to analyze the financial year in retrospect and use it to your advantage:

  • ” Performance & Earnings”: Where does the company stand compared to its goals?
  • Weaknesses: Which areas have not met expectations? Where are there potential risks?
  • Market & Competition: How has the market changed? Where does the company stand compared to its competitors?

How can a tax advisor help?

A competent tax advisor is a golden asset at this stage. Not only to maximize the tax advantages but also to look at finances and business development from a different perspective and advise you on financial decisions. Due to the complexity of the Austrian tax system, it becomes necessary to hire someone to help you understand, which can save a lot of time and prevent mistakes.

If you have problems with the tax office or are facing an audit, a tax advisor can represent your interests and mediate between you and the office, as they are also up-to-date with current changes in tax law. In the end, you can have peace of mind knowing that a professional is handling your tax affairs. 

What opportunities exist for tax optimization

  • First, you can explore investment opportunities in Austria and their tax implications.
  • Find out about possible subsidies and grants.
  • Cost optimization as a key to success

The annual financial report shows not only successes, but also areas of unnecessary expenditure. In September, you still have the opportunity to identify these, take countermeasures for the rest of the year and apply them in the new year.

How to plan for the future?

After analyzing your costs, it’s time to look to the future. Where should you invest next year? What areas of the business need increased financial support? Investment planning can be very helpful in getting the next business year off to a more successful start and then closing it out.


September is a strategic time for Austrian companies to intensively analyse the annual financial statements for 2023. Having sufficient data from the previous months allows you to identify trends, revenues, weaknesses and market developments. A carefully prepared annual financial report not only provides an opportunity to summarize the business year, but also to develop strategic plans for the following year. An experienced tax consultant is indispensable here, both to maximize the tax advantages of Austria and to avoid costly mistakes and save valuable time. Drawing up an annual financial report with a focus on cost optimization and future investments helps companies position themselves effectively for the following year. 

Those who act now can make the necessary corrections, optimize costs and make investment plans before the end of the year. This will not only ensure a successful 2023, but also lay a solid foundation for 2024.