Living and Doing Business in Austria

Бізнес імміграція

They say your inner world is what makes you happy. We say it’s the environment too. Austria offers enormous benefits to incoming businessmen and women.
These include obtaining a residence card by doing business (for you and your whole family), the ability to own multiple bank accounts in the EU, investments in any country of the EU, stable income generation and many more!

Many refer to Austria as the recipe for a good life.

Why Vienna?

  • The highest quality of life – Vienna is always ranked in the TOP 10 most liveable cities in the world
  • Super Clean & Ecological, with a low crime rate
  • High social and economic security
  • Ideal public transport
  • Perfect for kids and Education
  • Cultural heritage, that extends for centuries
  • Hub of more than 200 Multinational Organizations
  • Central Europe, is close to everything, but the centre of the world.
The map of Austria

What we do

Draft your Business Relocation plan

Assistance with Investments

Business Relocation

(Full Process)

Registering a company

Obtaining a Residence Card

for you and your family

Organising a Full Moving Process

Search for employees

Offer kindergarten or education options

Assistance with Insurance

Tax & Accounting

for your business in Austria

What you do

You just need

  • to come to Vienna,
  • take your residence card and
  • start living your happy life.

Why choose us

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