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Wir freuen uns, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass unser Unternehmen steuerexperten.at die Top 5 der besten Steuerberater Österreichs 2020 in der Kategorie Internationales Steuerrecht erreicht hat.
Vielen Dank an unsere Kunden und Partner für die Unterstützung!

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Real estate in Austria

Are you dreaming of your own house in Vienna? Or choosing an apartment for your child, who is studying in Austrian university? Maybe you want to invest savings in a nice chalet in a ski resort in the Alps? In any case, real estate in Austria is a profitable acquisition.

Buying a property in Austria, you will receive:

  1. apartment for the price of 1500 euros / m²,
  2. registration of all documents within 2-3 months,
  3. regular return on investment of 3-4% per annum,
  4. a convenient system for paying utility bills,
  5. mortgage loan from 2% per annum for up to 25 years.

What property you can buy in Austria

Residential Properties.The most economical option. If you buy an apartment in a new building, you will return a VAT of 20% of the transaction value. Plus that, it is easy to sell, if it is in Vienna or other major cities in the country.

Tourist real estate.New buildings in the resort areas, which are purchased for rent. You can make an agreement with the management company and receive income, even if the apartment is temporarily empty.

Mini-hotels.Small hotels up to 20 rooms in popular tourist areas of Austria. To make a profit you will have to hire a manager or manage the hotel yourself.

Which region is better

In Austria there are no general rules for the purchase of houses and apartments. The country consists of 9 lands, each has its own legislation. The difference is manifested in everything – from the requirements for documents to the amount of taxes and duties.

The most stringent laws are in force in Tyrol, Salzburg and Vorarlberg. Many Europeans dream of a house in the Austrian Alps, therefore, foreign buyers are being in great demand here.

It’s easier to buy a property in Vienna. The capital is the leader in the ranking of cities with a high quality of life, while prices are much lower than in other European capitals. The average price per square meter is 3-4 thousand euros.

How to buy property in Austria

An Austrian apartment, hotel or house can be issued for an individual or a legal entity

To register an apartment for yourself, you need:

  1. have the right for permanent residence in Austria (citizenship, residence permit, permanent residence or student visa);
  2. obtain permission to purchase real estate from the territorial commission of the local municipality (Grundverkehrsbehörde).

What if you do not have an Austrian passport or residence permit?

  1. Obtain a residence permit for Austria. You can enroll in a university, create a business, get a job contract or move as a financially independent person. We can help get a residence permit card for 1-3 months.
  2. To issue a purchase to a legal entity registered in Austria. If you do not have an Austrian business, we will help you open it, obtain the necessary documents and optimize your accounting and taxation.
  3. How to get permission to purchase a property?

    In Austria there are no clear rules for issuing such permits. You will need the help of an experienced lawyer, who knows the specifics of the Austrian legislation and the nuances of document processing.

    How we can help you:

    1. choose an apartment, either hotel or a house,
    2. issue a residence permit or help you open a business in Austria,
    3. get permission to purchase real estate,
    4. check the reliability of the seller and his documents,
    5. prepare a contract of sale,
    6. guarantee the safety of money transfers and the purity of the transaction,
    7. help you get a loan and have an interview in the bank,
    8. register your ownership in the Land Register.

    5 steps to your property in Austria:

    Step 1. Leave an application on the site

    We will analyze the situation and find the most profitable way of making a purchase, transferring money and signing a contract.

    Step 2. Make a decision

    Decide what kind of property you want to buy. We will help to issue a residence permit, we will register a legal entity and get a permit to purchase.

    Step 3. Sign the contract

    We will check the reliability of the seller, prepare a sales contract, assure him of the notary and register the ownership in the Land Cadastre.

    Step 4. Pay for the purchase

    You transfer the full amount to the attorney’s trust account. If necessary, we will help to arrange a mortgage loan for 10-25 years at 2-3.5% per annum.

    Step 5. Accept congratulations

    After 1-2 months you will receive the keys to real estate in Austria, you will be able to settle in a new house and celebrate your purchase.

    No time to understand the intricacies of Austrian law? We will find the best solution and save you time and money.

  • Accounting and Payroll
  • Registration of residence permit
  • Tax advice

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