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      Our company has more than 15 years of experience with the office location in the heart of Vienna

Wegen Wartungsarbeiten sind wir am Montag 15.04 und Dienstag 16.04 per E-mail und persönlich nicht erreichbar.

Wir bitten um Ihr Verständnis.

Due to maintenance work we are closed and unreachable via E-mail on Monday 15.04 and Tuesday 16.04.

We thank you for your understanding.

В связи с техническими работами в понедельник 15.04 и вторник 16.04 наш офис будет закрыт, а работа электронной почты приостановлена.

Спасибо за понимание.


With the communication platform steuerexperten.ONLINE, you can easily access information around-the-clock using your smartphone.

Smartphone App for accessing the Web Platform

Login into the communication platform can be easily done via an app available from smartphone stores. The access data must be once set together with our office. After that, all the information is open to you. The data is responsive, that means it is easy to read on the smartphone display. All available data can be viewed by swiping up, down, or sideways.

Appointment for app setup: office@ithelper.at

CRM Functions

The CRM Functions provide important functions for your information and data exchange.


All documents that were marked as shared during archiving (contracts, notifications, evaluations, etc.) can be viewed. The documents you are viewing are highlighted. The displayed documents can also be filtered, for example, by categories.

My organizer

The client can see, who is responsible for him/her in the office (with photo) and what services have been agreed. If the extension or e-mail address is also displayed, the client can contact the person in charge directly.

Forms to download

You will need templates for different activities repeatedly. You just have to download the template and print it out.

Client information

You get all client information in chronological order in an overview. The underlying document can be opened by a simple touch.

Databox for clients

Simple document transport to the tax consultant

Data can be exchanged between each other at the tax consultant's data bank (for example, the bookkeeping kept in operation is transferred to the tax accountant for accounting, or transferred back to the client after accounting).

Transfer bills for bookkeeping

The Databox function can also be used to transfer locally scanned bills to the tax accountant for booking. The documents are automatically transferred to the tray for paperless document processing and are therefore available for further processing in the office without any intermediate steps.

Take a photo of the bill with your smartphone

With this function a document photographed with a smartphone can be immediately transferred to the tax consultant's office in the account assigned to the client.