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Registration of residence permit

According to Doing Business 2017, Austria ranks 19th out of 190 countries in ease of doing business, ahead of Switzerland, France and Germany. Foreigners also prefer Austria as one of the best places to create a company.

The same refers to our clients as well. Michael decided to open a business in Vienna and asked us to arrange the documents. Company management should be carried out from Russia. The children were still studying at school, and his wife, Anna, had just received a promotion and wasn’t willing to lose a good offer. For two years the businessman tried to live in two countries. In Vienna he was an ordinary tourist, received refusals from officials and could not open a bank account. According to the law, Mikhail had to hire a nominal director for his company. In addition, he was missing his wife and children.

When the profit dropped, the family decided to move to Austria. They obtained a residence permit, bought a beautiful house in Vienna and found a good Austrian school. Now Michael successfully is conducting business in several countries, Anna has received a high position, and the children are preparing to enter the prestigious Economic University. In winter they ski on the Alpine slopes, travel in Europe in the summer and are not willing to come back to Moscow.

Why do you need a residence permit from Austria

Respect and freedom

      Red-White-Red card (RWR card) will increase the status of business and level of loyalty. It will be easier to build trust relationships with partners, clients and government agencies.
      You do not have to hire a nominal director. You will issue a trade license for yourself, get rid of intermediaries and get the freedom to make decisions, open accounts and negotiate.

Business expansion

      Resident companies in Austria are highly valued all over the world. It will be easier to find partners and bring your business to the international level.
      Austrian taxation makes it possible to combine the profits of related enterprisesprofitably. You can optimize taxes and get loans at the most beneficial interest rates.

Family Safety

      Your household will get the residence permit. Children will go to a free school or kindergarten. A spouse will receive a work permit and be able to find a job in any company they wish.
      The whole family will have good medical insurance. If someone gets sick, they are sure to get prescription drugs almost for free.

Own Property

      Without RWR card you can buy a property in Vienna only in theory. In practice you will pay a huge fee to lawyers and waste a lot of time. It will be complicated to transfer money, and you can fail to get a loan.
      A residence permit will allow you to choose accommodation in a good area, with excellent infrastructure and fancy neighbors. You can buy an apartment or a house, where your family will be happy.

We have been helping businessmen for 15 years to open companies, get residence permit and move to Europe. With our consultants, you can easily issue documents and obtain a residence permit for Austria within just 3 months.

4 steps towards the Austrian residence permit:

1. Application. Call or leave a request on the site. We will contact you and discuss the details.

2. The solution. We will carefully study your situation and offer an optimal program of business immigration.

3. Registration of documents.

4. Result. After making a positive decision you will receive a Red-White-Red card of Austria.

It is important to plan business immigration in advance and get a residence permit before registering the company. Leave a request and find out how to save your time and money.

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